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The Simple Guide To Unclogging Your Shower Drain

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We all know that clogged drains are a big problem. And it is not just because they are annoying to deal with, but they can also be costly.

When a drain is clogged it can cause sewage to back up into your home, which can potentially lead to serious damage. Below you’ll find a simple guide to unclogging your shower drain to avoid any further plumbing problems.

How To Prevent Shower Drain Clogs

They say prevention is better than a cure and in this case, it’s true. Learning how to prevent clogs in the first place can save you a lot of time.

It might not come as a surprise that the most common cause of clogs in the shower is hair. Hair can get stuck in the drain hole and form a ball that prevents water from draining through the pipes.

One way to prevent clogs is to use a strainer or cover over the drain to catch hair before it goes down the drain. It’s good practice to pick up any hair left in the drain after you shower too.

Unclog By Hand

Even with preventive measures, you’ll inevitably find yourself with a clogged shower drain every now and then. The easiest solution to this is to unclog by hand. If the clog is easy to reach or close to the surface, this method can be helpful.

Simply put on a pair of rubber gloves, insert your hand into the drain, and remove the clog. You can also use a wire hanger to help you remove the clog, but avoid using anything that could further damage your drain.

Pour Boiling Water Down The Drain

Most clogs are caused by grease, soap, scum, hair, or other residues. It’s possible to dissolve the clog by pouring hot water down the drain.

You can do this when there are no visible obstructions blocking the drain. If the drain is smaller, you can use a funnel to pour the boiling water. Repeat the process at least three times or until you see results.

Use A Plumber’s Snake

Because it is cheap and effective, using a plumber's snake to clear a drain is a popular method. When it comes to unclogging pipes and drains, a plumber's snake is an excellent tool to have on hand for use. You can buy it from almost any hardware store.

Here’s how it works: As the snake's hand crank descends, it attaches a metal wire to the clog and breaks or removes it. Getting it out of the drain will require a lot of twisting.

Run the water after you're done to make sure it's not still clogged. If the first two methods fail to remove a solid object from the drain, you can try this one.

Use A Chemical Or Natural Drain Cleaner

Shower drains can be unclogged using a variety of commercially available chemicals and solutions. However, if you're on a budget, you can make your own.

Pour ½ cup baking soda down the drain. Then, pour ½ cup of white vinegar. You’ll notice it sizzle and bubble up. Cover the drain and let it sit for 1 hour to dissolve the dirt and grime that’s clogging your drain. After that, rinse it down with boiling water. Repeat until the clog has cleared up.

Keeping your shower drain clear will help your plumbing system run more efficiently. Not only that, but a clogged drain can cause leaks, spread a bad smell, and bring in pests and bacterial germs into the apartment. It can also cause stagnant water to build up, which can serve as a breeding ground for pests. So knowing how to deal with a clogged drain is important.

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