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How to Create a Maximalist Apartment and Embrace the More Is More Trend

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If you often find peace in the midst of chaos, you might have already realized that minimalism isn’t to your liking. So, for your next apartment redecorating session, you might want to consider giving maximalism a try.

This interior design trend focuses on the beauty in curated “clutter,” garishness, and imperfection. It involves filling your apartment with things you love and showcasing your unique personality and taste.

Maximalism is similar to an eclectic interior design in terms of combining a variety of styles. The only difference is that with maximalism, you get to enjoy more of everything.

That means more colors, more prints, and more meaningful items.

Want to try out this design trend? Read on and use these tips the next time you decorate your apartment.

Incorporate a Pop of Color Into Your Space

Maximalism is often characterized by an abundance of bright colors, which somehow work together to form a sense of cohesiveness.

Think couches in vivid tones or bright accents that add a splash of colors to your canvas of a room. You can start with a basic color palette, mix contrasting colors (like orange and blue), and find harmony within different saturated tones.

When picking colors, you have to factor in what mood you want to feel whenever you step into your apartment and how you want to express yourself.

Use Patterns That You’ll Adore

What’s great about maximalism is that you get to liven up your room with more patterns. From abstracts and florals to Batiks and Mexican textiles, your options are endless.

With the growing number of home goods stores online, you can easily find rugs, curtains, throws, and even wallpapers that carry vibrant motifs to brighten your apartment.

Maintain a Sense of Coziness

If there’s one thing that extreme minimalism lacks, it’s fuzzy warmth. But with maximalism, you can enjoy whatever kind of decor you prefer without sacrificing cozy comfort.

Love the hygge style of minimalist interiors? You can recreate that look while adding glamor to your apartment with maximalist decor.

What’s more, you don’t have to throw out your favorite pieces once you follow the maximalist trend. You can surround your apartment home with items you love, creating a sense of the familiar and completing a cozy haven.

Pick Statement Pieces for Every Room

Have wow-worthy yet bulky art pieces? Don’t hide them away. Instead, display them and use them as focal points throughout your apartment.

Maximalism typically involves making use of grandeur in whatever form. So if, for some reason, you have a bust of Medusa, place it front and center. Or, if you have lots of low-light loving plants, set up a shelf near your window and fill it with some greenery.

It’s all about creating a heightened sense of who you are and expressing that in your space.

Dedicate a Wall for Art

Apart from having an eye-catching focal point, you might want to make the most of your vertical space and fill a wall with framed works of art.

No need to strictly follow a theme. Try searching for “maximalist decor” online, and you’re sure to find photos of rooms packed with random paintings and other art pieces.

If you plan to hang up artwork or pictures on your wall, make sure to ask your landlord for permission before drilling holes or using adhesive fasteners.

Know Where to Put Each Item

When incorporating a maximalist style into a home, it’s easy to create a jam-packed and suffocating space. So to avoid your apartment from becoming too cluttered, you have to be strategic about where and how to showcase every item.

Like a curator in a museum, think about how you want to display the items you love. Whether they’re books or plants, you have to arrange them without making them look too cluttered or symmetrical.

Here’s a tip: combine items of different heights to layer them. You can also put random items on top of another (e.g., a figurine on top of a pile of books) or make use of various surfaces (e.g., books on the shelf and your coffee table).

While doing so, consider hiding away items that don’t make sense in your room’s overall decor. These can include skincare products, office supplies, and towels. Instead, focus on collectibles that make a statement or anything you love to display.

Collect Objects With Love and Intention

A maximalist interior design means intentionally curating chaos. It’s the creation of space filled with things you love and the expression of your personality.

While “more of everything” characterizes this trend, it’s still a good idea to make everything look curated and cohesive. So don’t just pick decor pieces randomly–try to find common patterns, colors, or art styles that best define who you are.

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